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Arthur's School Bus Buddies Socks Gift Box - 12 Pairs (Kids)


A beloved kids' show - Get the whole crew when you buy this 12 pair bulk pack of kids' socks! From Mr. Ratburn to Francine, we have a school bus worth of Arthur characters.

Kid Tested. Kid Approved.

Aug 06 - Aug 08

While these cute designs are sure to make your kid happy, we know that your kids tear up and wear down their socks easily. Our 12-pack bundle combines fun designs with quality material and good value.

These socks are the perfect gift for moms and dads who struggle with their kids' constant need for new socks and love dressing their kid up!

Kid Approved! These socks were made for kids, by kids (kind of). Our products must always receive approval by integral members of DoodleUs' family business - our own kids!

 See Detailed Sizing Chart with Product Photos. 

Contents: 50% Polyester, 45% Cotton, 5% Spandex. Machine Washable.

Weight 0.5 lb
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Made in USA